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Semolina production business is very profitable and easy to establish. Semolina is coarse wheat middling of durum wheat purified to make a wheat flour. It is common in Africa, Europe and a staple food in Nigeria. There are two types of semolina the coarse-grained flours and finely grained flour.

Things to Consider in Semolina Production

First is to write a semolina production business plan and conduct a survey. Next source startup funding, find suitable factory location, register the business. Next hire experienced staff, purchase raw materials, buy quality processing machinery, use appropriate pricing and develop a marketing strategy.

Semolina Production startup

  1. Write a semolina production business plan
  2. Conduct feasibility study/survey
  3. Source startup funding
  4. Find suitable factory location
  5. Register the business
  6. Hire experienced staff
  7. Purchase raw materials
  8. Buy quality processing machinery
  9. Use appropriate pricing
  10. Develop a marketing strategy
Semolina Production


The amount of capital needed depends on size of the operation. Funds are needed for factory lease, purchase of raw materials, equipment and labor wages. Proper marketing requires huge funds, transportation and legal fees.

Secure funds through target savings or borrow from friends and family. Approach a commercial or trade bank for long term low interest loans. Try partnership arrangement, sell equity, attract venture capitalists or use crowdfunding.

  • Personal target savings
  • Borrow from friends and family
  • Approach commercial or trade bank
  • Try partnership arrangement
  • Sell equity
  • Venture capitalists
  • Crowdfunding


Lease a factory or work from a dedicate warehouse or shop. Make sure the flour plan accommodates machinery, front office, storage facility, loading/unloading dock. There are two ways to locate the factory close to raw material or industrial area.


Labor requirements depends on the factory capacity, type of machinery, output. Standard practice is hire machine operator, storekeeper, factory manager, sales representatives. Total staff requirements for a small operation is 4-10 staff.

Ingredients in Semolina Production

To produced semolina there are a few ingredients in the production. Main raw material is wheat while others are vitamins and mineral premix. Vitamins are vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, iron and zinc. Amount of calories in 100g is calories from fat 9kcal, total calories 350 kcal.


  • Wheat
  • Vitamins
  • Mineral premix

Vitamins and Mineral Information

Vitamin information not included in the table are vitamin B9 26mg, vitamin B12 0.02mg. The percentage of daily value is based on 2000 calories diet. This depends on your calorie requirement

Vitamins/mineralsPer kg of
Vitamin A2mg
Vitamin B16mg
Vitamin B25mg
Vitamin B345mg
Vitamin B66mg

Nutritional Information on Semolina

Here is the nutritional information on semolina per 100g including daily value. Nutritional value is carbohydrates 73g daily value 24%, protein 12g daily value 24%, fat 1g daily value 2%.

Nutritional InformationAmount per 100gDaily Value
Calories from fat9kcal 

Method of preparation

Semolina method of preparation is similar to semovita preparation. First boil 300cc (1 ¼ cup) of water in a cooking pot. Then mix semolina powder into 125cc (½ cup) water to form a paste. Pour the paste into boiling water, stir and add semolina powder until mixture is smooth. Cover the pot and allow to cook, add additional water if required. Remove from fire and turn the mixture properly till semolina is ready to serve. Serve the semolina with any soup of your choice.

Licensing and registration

Register the semolina factory as a limited liability company. Get liability insurance, workers insurance and tax identification number. It is important to join a beverage/food manufacturers association, secure operational license, follow strict protocols on food handlers, health and safety regulations. The company is required to have NAFDAC registration number, appropriate product branding. On the package add date of production, best before, expiring date. Include manufacturers address, customer care email/phone number.


Register an easy to remember name for product branding. Add product brand name, logo, product description, content, net weight per kg and preparation indication.

Semolina Making Machinery

The primary equipment is wheat flour milling machine. The production process also includes a mixing machine and packaging machine.

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The business is highly competitive with huge budget players in the industry. This is because the product is a staple in many West African homes. Marketing incudes branding, promotions, giveaways and advertisement. Sell directly to malls, supermarkets, wholesalers, food retailers.

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