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Cube Sugar Production

Small scale cube sugar production business is very lucrative. The billion dollar industry is highly competitive however demand is more than supply. This provides a good avenue for small scale investors to enter the industry.

Cube sugar is produced by pressing granulated sugar, mixing liquid sugar air-dried to form cubes. Some come in different flavors from spearmint saffron, cinnamon or chocolate.

Types of Sugar

There are different kinds of edible sugar depending on the source and manufacturing process. Common types are granulated sugar, refined sugar, brown sugar and cube sugar.

  • Granulated sugar
  • Refined sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Cube sugar
Cube Sugar Production

Feasibility Study of Cube Sugar Production

It is essential to carry out a feasibility study of cube sugar production. The study covers executive summary on type of sugar, competitors, and government rules. It should have company location, branding, cost of production, availability of raw materials.

Make sure the study understands the competitions strategies, pricing and product. More parameters in the study are company description, products and services. Conduct a comprehensive market research develop a business strategy, hire experienced staff, focus on type of machinery.


A sugar cube factory that produces 100 tons of product requires minimum of 5000 square feet. However small scale operations are scalable to 20 square feet for 200kg lump sugar.


A small scale sugar processing business requires professional staff. Labor considerations in small scale factory involves about 10 -20 employees. Hire machine operators, factory workers, direct labor, and sales representatives. More are accountant, storekeeper, factory manager, location driver.


Small/medium scale production of sugar cubes is capital intensive. An investor requires are minimum of N15 million naira startup capital. The funds are needed for factory, building, lease, equipment, purchase of raw materials. Others are marketing, labor, transportation, licensing, factory maintenance.

According to investment analysts it is possible to have returns of 60% of investment under optimum production conditions. Secure funds through commercial or trade bank loans. Make sure loans are long termed low interest for easier repayment.

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Raw Material Cube Sugar Production

Raw materials for cube sugar production is cane sugar. Other raw materials are beet sugar, fructose corn syrup. Method of processing raw sugar are harvesting, cutting crushing the cane. Once the juice is extracted it goes through clarification, evaporation, crystallization, centrifugation and refining. Distillery raw materials are fiber, no sugar, water and sugar components.

Marrowfat processed peas

Raw materials

  • Syrups
  • Sucrose
  • Sugar cane
  • Beet sugar
  • Fructose corn syrup

Distillery raw materials

  • Fiber
  • No sugar
  • Water
  • Sugar components

Cube Sugar Production Machine

There are automated/semi-automated cubed sugar production machinery for small/medium scale business. Equipment are cube sugar production line, cube sugar grinder machine. Others are cube sugar box wrapping machine and sugar packing machine.

Cube Sugar Production Line Machine

  1. Sugar Grinder Machine 12-150 mesh capacity 50-100kg/h
  2. Mixed Spiral Feeder Machine for mixing automatic feeding
  3. Sugar Making Machine Capacity 60-120 kg/h
  4. Tablet Linkage Conveyor 0-10m3/min(Link/Transmission)
  5. Semi-Automatic Sugar Packing Machine
  6. Cooler Machine (Cooling)
  7. Infrared Drying Tunnel

Cube Sugar Production Line Machine

A small scale cube sugar production line machine processes sugar, water, capacity of the equipment is 100kg/h.  Production line comprises sugar mixer, feeder machine, cube former machine. Others are wet sugar mixers machine, sugar grinder machine, packaging machine.

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cube Sugar Packing Machine

Semi-automated vacuum cube sugar packing machine is customized to manufacturer’s requirement, features include vacuum sucker pack dried sugar cubes packaged according to box size.

Purchase a highly efficient, hygienic machine that packages the cubes without damage to the cube sugar shape or structure. Material processed is cube sugar, capacity customized to catch sugar cubes of same height however cubes with inconsistent uneven surfaces are not packed.

Technical data of LG-250 model packing machine is voltage 2.2KW, 220V/380V 50-60Hz speed variation based on manufacturer’s specification. Chuck handle 2 pcs, table customized, weight 75kg, maximum degree vacuum 26 (31) KPA maximum pressure 36(43) Kpa.

Industrial Sugar Grinder

Industrial sugar grinder/grinding machine processes sugar, capacity 60-150 kg/h. Model LG-20B-C industrial sugar grinder machine is very versatile and used in different applications. It is suitable for grinding grains, food, and sugar. It handles fine powder in range of 10mesh to 100 mesh.

To achieve super fine powder up to 400 mesh use ultra-fine pulverize. This machine uses fixed gear disc and active gear disc motion crushed through tooth impact.

Aperture change facilitates different particle sizes. Model LG-20B-C capacity is 60-150kg/h revolution spindle 4500r/min. machine weight is 250kg dimensions 550x600x1250 cleaner motor 0.75kw, crusher motor 4kw, It grinds to size 10 mesh up to 200 mesh.

Cube Sugar Box Bopp Cellophane Overwrapping machine

Once the cube sugar is boxed it proceeds to the Cube Sugar Box Bopp Cellophane Overwrapping machine. Material it handles is cube sugar capacity 40-80 boxes/min.

The machine is mainly used to package exterior of boxes have many industrial applications. Use it to package cosmetics, health food products, medicines, tea box, and cigarette sugar box. Model LGB-200A is multifunctional, convenient with compact design.

It has automatic feeding, counting functions and equipped with membrane clutch that reduces wastage. Model LGB-200A packing material is cellophane BOPP heat sealing film packaging speed 40-80 boxes. Power is 220V50HZ total power 4.5kw weight 750kg dimension 2000x790x1550mm. The packaging size is L50-120mm, W 20-100mm, H10-50mm.

Marketing and License

Register the business as a limited liability sugar processing company. The product requires a food and drug administration number, batch number, date of manufacture. Make sure the product has a distinct brand name, logo.

Use commercials, television advertisement, online advertisement to push the brand. Invest in quality control, good equipment and dedicated staff. Build a website with integrated ecommerce for online sales and delivery. Use social media channels, promotionals and giveaways to reach more cuustomers.

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