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Catfish thrives in warm regions like West Africa, East Africa and parts of India.  When searching for a suitable location for your fish pond you need to select a spot close to adequate water supply.

Without lots of water your farm might be doomed before you start your small business. There are a few sources of water you can use to fill your pond and give your fish a nice environment.

Sources of fresh water

There are many sources of fresh water you can use which are cost effective and easy to access. listed bellow are a few sources of clean water for your pond.

Well water source

If you don’t have a well then you might consider this option as a source for fresh water. A well is easy to build especially if the water level in the particular area is high.

Although some wells have brownish or dirty water making the well deeper with constant use might clear the source in due time. The well should be fitted with adequate piping and a dedicated water pump to suck out the water.

Manually fetching the water for your pond is not only stressful but impractical for large ponds.

Catfish are very tough but hard water can kill your fish and the PH level is important. If the water need some level of purification before use you might try this option.

A crude way of testing if your fish can survive in clear looking water is to place a few in the water for a maximum of 23 hrs. If the fish are still alive after this period and are not sluggish or lethargic or dead then the water is usable

tap water

Tap water source

Using tap water is a no brainier because tap water is clean easy to access and less stress. However, tap water is a rarity in certain parts making this easy resource difficult to get.

If you have running clean tap water you can use a good plumber to channel an inlet into your fish pond. That is why where you locate your pond is very important because the closer it is to ready source of water the easier access to the source.

Another simple solution is using a water hose attached to a tap and placed as your water inlet.

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Rain water source

Rain water source for your catfish is only practical if you have heavy rainfall in your area. Rain water is clean free easy to access and good for your fish.

Rain water can be used as an alternate source of water and should be regulated. To harness the rain you need to build a series of diverts from roof channeled into your fish tank.

Special care is needed to avoid the first stream of rain because your roof edge might be dirty. You also need to regulate the amount of water let into your fish pond.

You can fetch some into containers if water is difficult to get and store for daily use. Always make sure you have plenty of water before starting a fish farm to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Buying water

Buying water into water tanks through water trucks is greatly discouraged. Although the water supplied by water vendors is good for your fish the expenses and practicality make nonsense of this method.

Due largely to the large volume of water you need throughout the life of your fish you will make zero profit using this format. Buying water for your fish pond is only logical when done out of desperation or when something affects your water source.

Don’t use this method to source your water if you want your catfish farm to succeed.

River or stream as water source

If the river or stream is pollution free you ca use this source for your catfish farm. Here are two ways of harness the rivers natural water by either cordoning the source or using a water pump.

The type of pond you use depends entirely on what makes you comfortable. We suggest you use an above ground pond ad use clever piping and water pumps to supply water to your catfish.

Borehole water source

Using Borehole as a water source is the best and most practical source of water for your catfish farm.  Digging a borehole if you have the permission is the best source of water for your fish farm. Borehole wells at appropriate depth supply vast amount of water that can cater for your fish.

The borehole should be channeled to a holding tank and your pond via a pumping matching. We suggest sinking a borehole if you intend starting a large catfish farm it is simple and the most effective source of water.

Sources of water for your catfish farm

1                     tap water source

2                     build a well

3                     dig a borehole

4                     use rain water

5                     use a nearby stream or river

6                     buy water

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