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Soybean Mill

A soybean mill generally processes soybean for animal feed manufacturers. Soybean meal is high in protein perfect food ingredient in fish feed production. Mostly produced from residual leftovers of oil extraction process it involves crushing and milling action. Some soymeal contain soya hull while solvent extraction, heat treatment or pressing a normal process.

Crushed soybean meal is predominantly used in animal feed. Apart from being a major consumers of the product United States of America is a major exporter of soybean meal. Worldwide 2% is fed as pet food, 12% cattle, 28% swine15% fish feed. Soybean meal is also processed to soya flour made into soya milk or soya flour for human consumption.

Uses of soybean meal

Uses of soymeal is mostly found in the animal feed industry. However other uses include human food, production of soaps, industrial oils. Some are made into soya flour, soya milk, catfish feed.

  • Swine feed
  • Cattle Feed
  • Pet Food
  • Catfish Feed
  • Soya Milk
  • Soya Flour
Defatted soybean meal with hull. Defatted soybean meal without hull
dry matter 49%,dry matter 54%
crude protein concentrates 44%crude protein 48%,

Kinds of soybean meal

There are three kinds of soybean meal produced by soybean mill plants. They are defatted soybean meal with hull, defatted soybean meal without hull or full-fat soybean meal.

Defatted soybean meal with hull are perfect ruminants with dry matter 49%, crude protein concentrates 44% perfect for livestock. Defatted soybean meal without hull has intermediate energy concentration, crude protein 48%, and dry matter 54%. Defatted soybean meal is perfect for poultry chicken (layers/broilers) and piggery.

soybean meal

Types of Soybean meal

  1. Defatted soybean meal with hull
  2. Defatted soybean meal without hull
  3. Full-fat soybean meal.

Constituent of defatted soybean

  1. Ruminants
  2. Dry matter
  3. Crude protein
  4. Energy concentrate

Soya Mill Products

The full range of products depends on their business plan. Although a mill is equipped to process different commodity or grain the main raw material is soya. They process full fat soya, crude soya oil and mechanically extruded soya cake.


The major equipment is a mill crusher, stripper or solvent extraction machine. The machine is very versatile in used in many applications including processing of cotton seed, sunflower cake, rice bran, peanut and soybean. Equipment are extraction machine, feed scraper, desolventizer-toaster, evaporation condensation unit.

  • Extraction machine
  • Feed scraper
  • Desolventizer-toaster
  • Evaporation condensation unit


A soybean mill business target customers are found in the animal husbandry industry. They provide full fat soya, crude soya oil or soya cake to feed millers. Other customers are poultry farmers, fishery industry and pig farmers.

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