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Stages of Development

Catfish goes through a number of stages during its development into delicious fish meat. Do you know that domesticated or homegrown catfish find it very difficult to spawn in captivity.

This is because certain natural conditions are missing in fish bonds to facilitate spawning. A single fish is capable of spawning over ten thousand young with the aid of a single male.

Spawning in nature takes place during the rainy season when the water levels rise and there is bountiful food for the fish

They hide within shrubs, cracks and bushes to release their eggs and fertilize. Because they are carnivorous the little fry stand a chance in the wild when they hide in bushes and crevasses.

Catfish eggs

Fresh water catfish like other fishes start their lives as eggs. The eggs are whitish grey and are bunched up like Quaker oats.

The fish breeder squeezes out the egg from the female or might result in more drastic measures. Some farmers kill the female just to extract the eggs a waste of good parenting fish.

The egg is then fertilized and tricked into hatching by creating natures signals.

The fry

The fry that emerge from the egg are so tiny and black in color. You can see them only because they are so many and like to cluster together most likely for protection.

Once they start feeding they grow rapidly into rambunctious fingerlings. Fingerlings are veracious feeders despite their little size about two inches.


It takes three months after hatching for the juvenile to grow into young adults. Fingerlings are very energetic they swim around constantly unless when full of food.

They also eat a lot but because of their size they can do much damage. A fifty gram bag of fish food can feed 300 catfish for about a month.

Young adult catfish

This is when it gets tricky because young adults can eat you out of your home. They have discovered food and are ready to eat three times daily.

Young adults look more like the table sized fish are brownish/black in color and they move fast. It takes another three months before they grow into full adults.

Adult catfish

Adult look tough and they are very tough. They can breadth atmospheric are and last outside water for twelve hours without dying.

They go through bags of fish food like a whale goes through tuna. The adult catfish body although slimy has a dark brownish thick skin.

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