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Start a backyard catfish farm


Before you start a backyard catfish farm there a few questions you need to answer. The first is why you want to starting a fish farm and what are the reasons or motivation.

Fish farming can be capital intensive or requires moderate spending depending on the size and scope of the farm. There are four reasons why anyone may consider starting this venture.

You can start a backyard catfish farm for recreation, business or business.

Start a backyard catfish farmStart a backyard catfish farm for recreation

 Recreational purposes are a good enough reason to start a fish farm. The size depends on the amount of space you wish to use.

Recreational fish farms can be built with a view to beautify the environment. The farm can have lovely landscaping around your earthen pond and you can even introduce a waterfall.

The number of catfish in a recreational pond depends on the function of the pond. A recreational pond can double as a commercial pond depending how it’s built.

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Starting a backyard catfish farm out of convenience

By situating your fish farm at your backyard it solves the problem of landed space. A moderately sized pond can breed an astounding number of fish.

The fish farmer starting the farm at his backyard only needs to build an above ground pond. The sourcing of water can be addressed by using clever piping directed to the inlet of your pond.

The outlet flow should be properly directed so it doesn’t make a mess of the environment. The backyard fish farmer is at liberty to grow fish to table size or start a fish breeding business.

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Start your backyard fish farm for business purposes

You can start your backyard fish farm for business purposes by buying good fingerlings and growing them to table size. you need to change the water frequently and feed regularly twice a day.

When they are big after a few months source your market and sell at the going rate.


Things you need to start your backyard fish farm

1                     Build your pond either earthen or above ground pond

2                     Connect your pond to a clean source of water

3                     Buy your fingerlings from breeders

4                     Buy feed for you fish

5                     Start your fish farm

Catfish farming isn’t rocket science it is easy to start and the expenditure depends on the size of your farm. Many fish farms in Nigeria are backyard catfish farms why not star a fish farm today.

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