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Catfish Business with Plastic Tanks

Start a catfish business with plastic tanks is another way to achieve results. The tanks are durable easy to clean and install and the last several years.

Plastic tanks are ideal if you live in a rented apartment or house and cannot make any major changes or construction. Once the fish tanks are properly installed then you need to buy fast growing fingerlings and food.

How to successfully invest in catfish farming

Catfish Business with Plastic Tanks
Catfish Business with Plastic Tanks

Buying the plastic tanks

Fish pond plastic tanks are specially made for that purpose keeping fish. They are different from storage tanks made with little openings at the top.

Fish pond tanks have wide opening and are treated with non toxic paint to prevent harming the fish. The sizes of plastic ponds vary but in the Nigerian market there are three sizes.

Installing the pond

You can’t just place the tanks on the flour they need some sort of elevation. The elevation or base should be a concrete base to carry the heavy weight of the tank when filled with water and fish.

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Building the concrete base

To start a catfish business with plastic tanks get an accurate measurement of the base you need by measuring the base of the tank. Once you have the measurement give 5 inches all around the base.

Align the block work along the perimeter of the measurement and build the base using granite, stones, cement and sand. When the base structure is finished allow it to dry for one week before putting the tank on it.

Piping work

Then you need to do the piping work which is the inlet and outlet. The tank has a provision for the outlet so the plumber only needs to attach a pipe and tap.

The inlet above the tank can be fitted with a dedicated tap connected to a water source. Rinse the tank thoroughly and retain water for a few days before introducing your fish.

If you are in a rented apartment make sure you channel the outlet via piping to a gutter. Please don’t channel the water to the sewage because the volume of water will make it over flow in no time.

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Stocking your pond

Buy fingerlings from a reputable dealer and avoid overstocking your pond. You are at liberty to make a canopy cover or metal grill to secure your fish.  Fish feed comes in various sizes from 0.5mm to 10mm, and the feed are graded according to the size of the fish.

Once you have installed your plastic pond, stocked it with fish you are now a catfish farmer.

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5 thoughts on “Start a Catfish Business with Plastic Tanks”
  1. Please I am interested in buying these tanks for the purpose of storage of my ornamental fish species.
    I actually require tanks with depths of 30cm to 40cm. The length and width can be 120cm x 90cm; 150cm x 90cm or 180cm x 90cm.
    Or flexible within or within those dimensions.

    1. My friend just relocated to Abuja and sold his massive plastic tanks. To get tanks of your recommended sizes, visit GeePee tanks website or office

  2. Your article is enlightening. Do I have to treat the water in a particular way before putting the fishlings?

    1. In the past l just made sure the pond was clean. However last year l sent someone to buy juveniles and had several die over a 1 month period. So what I do now regardless of the source is treat the water. What I do is a handful of salt into the empty pond and leave to settle for about 6 hours then drain the pond and add fresh water. Once I introduce the fish into the pond, l take a little salt( handful and mix with water and pour into the pond.

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