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Commercial mango processing business is very lucrative because it has many applications. Mango fruit is tasty has a pleasant taste and easy to process. A single tree can produce hundreds of fruit making it a commercially viable venture. Indigenous to India and Western parts of Africa the tree produces fruit once each year.

An industrialist has a choice of different mango fruit color variations from red, yellow, green. Apart from the fruit each component of the tree has industrial applications. The huge truck is perfect for furniture making, leaves and stem herbal medicine.

Things to consider start commercial mango processing business

To start commercial mango processing business focus on a particular mango industry. There are two major industry with many secondary business ideas. Some include production of canned mangoes, sales of fresh fruits, processing the fruit into different edibles.

Things to consider

Things to consider are funding, purchase of equipment, factory location, staff, licensing, source of raw materials and marketing.

Startup considerations in mango processing

  1. funding
  2. purchase of equipment
  3. factory location, staff
  4. licensing
  5. source of raw materials
  6. marketing
Commercial Mango Processing Business

Uses of Mango

Mango is a very healthy fruit because it is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It has many culinary applications in fruit salad, juicing, chips making or a garnish. The bark is perfect for tanning industry, seed fat for soap, seed kernels for livestock feed. Other applications include herbal medicine to prevent dysentery, diarrhea.

Culinary applications

  • added to fruit salad
  • mango chips
  • garnish
  • made into jellies
  • added to syrup
  • juice blends or jams

Other industries

  • tanning industry
  • seed fat for soap
  • seed kernels
  • livestock feed
  • herbal medicine

Challenges in Mango industry

Like any business there are challenges peculiar to industry. Problems associated to the mango industry are short fruiting period, long period of tree before full growth. Others are labor intensive in commercial production, low fruit lifespan and lack of uniformity in the industry.

Industrial Applications of Mango

Industrial applications in commercial mango processing business is huge. The fruit is made into jellies, syrup, fruit salads, juice blends or jams. It is canned, bottled, pickled with many variations in processing methods.

They are pickled, salted, de-hydrates, sliced, crushed, juiced, pruned, pureed. Some are added to beverages, flavor in ice creams, yogurt, brewed into mango wine.

Types of mango products

  • made into jellies
  • syrup
  • fruit salads
  • juice blends
  • jams
  • canned
  • bottled
  • pickled
  • salted
  • de-hydrated
  • sliced mango
  • crushed
  • pruned
  • added to beverages
  • used as flavor
  • brewed into mango wine


Secure funds through personal savings or borrow from friends. Approach a commercial or trade bank for long term loans. Other fund sources are partnership, venture capitalists or crowdfunding.

Factory location

Locate the factory close to mango farmers for best prices and reduction in transportation cost. In urban areas there is zoning for manufacturing companies. Register the business as a LLC, get insurance and tax identification number.

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Staff requirements depends on the industry and machinery. Source raw materials directly from farmers or major distributors. Another cost effective method is to start a mango farm for the business.

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 Mango Process and machinery

The type of processing determine the industry you choose. Common equipment are slicers, washers, de-stoners, sorting equipment. More are pulper, tubular pre-heater, centrifuge decanter.

Mango is made into fruit juice, canned or mango puree. Depending on the industry machinery are enzyme-deactivator, destoner, brushing machine, decanter, grinder and slicer.

Mango Processing Equipment

  • Destoner
  • Slicers
  • Washers
  • de-stoners
  • sorting equipment
  • pulper
  • tubular pre-heater
  • centrifuge decanter
  • canning equipment
  • enzyme-deactivator
  • brushing machine
  • decanter
  • grinder
  • slicer

Some Industrial Processes

Mangoes are made into chutney, pickled, de-hydrated, made into beverages. Industrial processes include production of natural puree, mix fruit juice production and canning.

Types of puree are processed natural puree, sterilized natural puree, and sterilized concentrated puree. Others are frozen concentrated natural mango puree or canned mangoes. Canned mango slice goes through washing, sorting, slicing, and introduction of syrup, steam treatment or sterilization.


Marketing considerations depends on the industry. Use appropriate branding, pricing, aggressive marketing campaigns. Sell the product to supermarkets, malls, grocery stores, local fruit merchants. Advertise in electronic and print media to increase patronage.

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