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Introduction to Potato Flakes Manufacturing

Potato botanical name Solanum Tuberosum is a vegetable tuber used in the production of potato flakes. Potato is used in many culinary applications and an ingredient in animal feed. The flakes are made through a dehydration process made into granules, shredded and sliced.

Instant potato flakes have good shelf life of 10 years in ideal conditions. Ingredients in instant potato flakes are main ingredient potatoes, citric acid, sodium bisulfite, sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono/di-glycerides and preservatives.

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Potato Flakes Manufacturing

Instant Potato Flakes Ingredients

  • Potatoes
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium bisulfite
  • Sodium acid pyrophosphate
  • Mono/di-glycerides
  • Preservatives

Why Potato Flakes Manufacturing

Potato flakes manufacturing business is very lucrative and moderately competitive. Production facility requires huge investment and estimating production cost per kilogram is beneficial to the investor.

Industrial facilities that produce potato flakes use a continuous process production line. Things to consider are sourcing the raw materials, purchase of equipment, site location. Others are skilled labor, transportation, licensing, storage facility, production costs.

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Things to Consider

  1. sourcing the raw materials
  2. purchase of equipment
  3. site location
  4. skilled labor
  5. transportation
  6. licensing
  7. storage facility
  8. production costs

Uses of Potato Flakes

Flakes are flat pieces of dehydrated mashed potatoes. There are many types of dried potatoes based on the manufacturer’s choice. However production process involves cooking, mashing, crushing, fast drying and scrapping into drum. Potato flakes are consumed or used as important ingredient in other foods. Pre-mashed potatoes are common in departmental and grocery stores.

How to Start a Business of Potato Powder Production – Potato Processing Business Ideas

Potato Flake Production Line

Potato flake production line is semi-automated or fully automated depending on the equipment and manufacturing process. Unpeeled potatoes proceed from warehouse or farm to production line. At the production line sand, stones other inclusions are removed through a floatation technique.

Then they are peeled using water vaporing the steam peeler. Next skin is separated from peeled potatoes and washed before quality inspection table. Second stage after visual quality inspection is the cutting with a hydro cutter. Sliced potatoes are precooked in blancher then cooked sliced potatoes cooled in spiral cooler.

Potatoes are cooled till they become mashed then proceed to the drum dryer. Final stages are the drying, sizing and packaging process. Good texture is achieved with the addition of monoglyceride emulsifier.

Manufacturers use parallel driers to increase capacity then freshly dried flakes are air transported to mill shifters. Mill shifters produce flakes of uniformity and moves to final stage packaging machine.

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Production Phases

Unpeeled Potatoes – sand/stone removal – steaming – skin separation – washing – cutting – pre-cooking – cooling stages – drying, sizing – packaging stage.

Machinery and Equipment

The entire production goes through three major phases. First phase of production is the sand/stone removal, steaming, skin separation and washing. Second phase is the cutting, pre-cooking and cooling stages. Final phase is the drying, sizing and packaging stage.

Equipment used in the production line are sand/ stone separator and steam peeler. Others include skin separator, peeled potatoes washed and quality assessed on inspection table. More equipment are hydraulic cutting machine-hydro cutter, blancher/ cooker, spiral cooler, parallel drum dryer, mill sifters and packaging machine.

Potato Flakes Production Equipment

  • sand/ stone separator
  • steam peeler
  • skin separator
  • washer
  • inspection table
  • hydraulic cutting machine-hydro cutter
  • blancher/ cooker
  • spiral cooler
  • parallel drum dryer
  • mill sifters
  • packaging machine


Register the business as a limited liability company (LLC0 and get a business name. next secure different insurance premium like liability insurance, machinery insurance, fire, health and safety insurance. secure and operational license.

Make sure the product is tested and certified by the appropriate authorities and given an identification number. On the packaging add address of company, date of manufacture, production date, expiration date, ingredients and batch number.

Factory Site

Lease or purchase a warehouse for the factory. Make sure the location has adequate utility, good road network and parking. The factory should have equipment roam, packaging and storage area.


Startup require huge funds for factory location, buildings, and equipment, utility, transportation, license and staff wages. Other expenditure includes purchase of raw materials, warehousing and marketing. Secure funds through commercial or trade bank loans. Make sure loans are low interest long termed.


  1. Bank loans
  2. Personal savings
  3. Borrow from friends and family
  4. Get a partner
  5. Sell startup equity
  6. Look for venture capitalists
  7. Use crowd funding


The product is very popular and easy to sell. Manufacturers sell directly to wholesalers who sell to retailers. Customers include supermarkets, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, small stores and market women. It is important to put in place an effective marketing strategy. Use electronic, print media to pass the message across to consumers.

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