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catfish farming land

Land for your catfish farm

Fish farming is a highly lucrative business venture because of the high demand for catfish and the top premium price of the fish. Before starting your fish farm there are certain things to must consider.

Important considerations like the landed space for the fish tanks, and source of clean fresh water. Other preparations involve the type pond, adequate piping and maintenance.

Good fish stock can guarantee success especially if you feed your fish high quality fish feed.  Proper pricing of your grow out fish, and duration before selling are all important factors.

Before investing in catfish farming you need the following

1                    Catfish farming can be capital intensive depending on the size of the stock

2                    You need laded space for your ponds

3                    You need to determine the type of fish pond

4                    Good stock equals a high payday

5                    Good clear clean source of fresh water supply

6                    High quality fish food and proper feeding

7                    Attract best price for your catfish when selling

Land for you fish pond  

It is not true that you need vast landed space to start a catfish farm because moderate space can yield large quantity of catfish. The size of the land depends on the number of catfish you want to stock.

There are basically three types of space you can use for your catfish which include open space, in house or cordoned river side. The popular and more effective spaces are the in house farm and the open land format.

The in-house type can be found where there isn’t adequate laded space like a shop or kiosk. The open landed space is the best recommended and better maintained.

Open land space for catfish

If you are interested in having a big fish farm that can easily rear over thirty thousand catfish a plot of land can easily accommodate that number. Half a plot can take fifteen thousand catfish while a small fish farm of a thousand catfish needs only 14/8 ft space.

The type of fish pond you can construct on your open land could be either a dug out pond or and above ground pond. The dog out pond is tedious to build and difficult to maintain when changing water.

Some catfish farmers operate the dugout ponds like natural ponds and use nets to catch ready to eat catfish. However the above ground fish pond is highly practical, easy to use and maintain.

The practicality of above ground ponds makes it desirable for both large fish farmers and small scale catfish farmers.  The catfish farmer can use a small space to achieve good yield and healthy adult fish.

Open land allows the fish farmer use different types of ponds like the dug out pond and different types of above ground fish ponds.

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In-house space for rearing catfish

The in house space might be due to lack of open land or in adequate space or rented abode. The in-house pond can occupy both small and large spaces like a warehouse.

The type of pond used in in-house ponds is the above ground pond which comes in different varieties. The pond could be constructed with glass, blocks, concert, plastic, and tarpaulin.

In-house ponds are difficult to maintain but the difficulty level reduces with good plumbing and good aeration. Changing the water and cleaning the pond is the major challenge with in-house fish ponds.

The fish pond should be in an empty space shed, shack, garage, tent or warehouse

Cordoned river side land for rearing catfish

If you have a clear river that runs through your landed property you may consider cordoning the water to create a fish pond. The only rule to this is the fish pond should have an inlet and outlet and you should make sure the fish are secure.

This type of pond is known to grow large catfish because of the constant flow of water. However if there is any pollution or contaminates in the river you might lose all your fish.

Another method is to build a circular net enclosure and place it in the flowing stream or river. So long as the fish are unable to escape and they have adequate food they will thrive.

breeding catfish in artificial environment

Types of land needed for catfish production

They type of land needed for catfish production include the following

1                    Small or large landed space

2                    River/stream side

3                    In-house space

The most practicable pond

The most practical pond is the above ground pond because of its easy application and maintenance. It works for both in-house space and open land space.

The above ground pond also allows the farmer control the growth rate and success of his farm. There a many types like the concrete pond, block pond, glass pond, and plastic pond.

When you decide to start a catfish farm the very first consideration is landed space. Then the next is the type of fish pond depending on the size of the space and function.

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