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Strategic programme to boost Oil palm production in four countries

A strategic programme to boost oil palm production in 4 countries is in the pipeline. Unveiled by Solidaridad network the programme is targeted at palm production, revenue generation. According to the company’s senior climatic specialist for Africa Dr. Samson Ogallah the key performance indicators of the programme covers mitigation, adoption and productivity.

He states that apart from the contribution to SDCs and NDCs it builds capacity for local institutions, improved performance for small-holder organizations. It was launched in Ghana known as the National initiative for sustainable and climate-smart oil palm for smallholders.

Other beneficiaries of the programme include Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia. The programme is aimed at encouraging government to work with small hold oil palm farmers towards sustainability. It includes contribution to Paris agreement, sustainable development goals. Others are national determinations contributions objectives and climate smart solutions.

Support funded by the government if Netherlands the programme is implemented in two Asian countries Indonesia, Malaysia and two African countries Nigeria and Ghana. Programme schedule are inception 2019, phase 1 implementation 2020 to 2023, phase II 2024. According to the regional director of Solidaridad Mr. Isaac Gyamfi the company was in-line with local realties, climatic change facing agriculture.

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oil palm

Central Bank of Nigeria investment scheme (AGSMEIS) for MSMEs

Not many small-hold farmers, micro small or medium enterprises in Nigeria are conversant with CBN investment scheme (AGSMEIS) for MSMEs. The investment scheme is to support the federal government’s policy to promote agriculture for SMSEs.

This is aimed at agriculture sustainability, development and employment opportunities or generation.  The initiative covers production, supply, logistics and storage. Other include marketing the produce, logistics other agriculture value chain. More beneficiaries of the loan are startup, manufacturing, MSMEs.

Even aware entrepreneurs are not conversant with the requirements to access the loans. A company Betamark Production Company limited located in Lagos, Nigeria begin training of MSMEs on how to access the loans. This in aid to assist local farmers, startups and medium enterprise in food production and wealth creation.

Part of the CBN loan requirement include training for applicants and certification from accredited training institute or entrepreneur development training institute. Betamark is one of the accredited licensed institutions for applicant to gain certification and training.

United States Agency for international development Forum in Delta State Nigeria

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) holds a forum in Delta state of Nigeria scheduled for January 30. The theme focused on sustainable economic growth invites stakeholders and professional in the value chain of agribusiness.

Discussions will focus on agribusiness opportunities, processing, storage of agriculture products and supply. Others include solutions, opportunities, and challenges facing the agricultural sector in Delta state.

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