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luckily there are different types of supplementary food for catfish. A catfish farmer needs to find different food sources for his fish. This is because the price of extruded feed is expensive.

The cost of feed is huge because 1 bag of feed costs about $20. It will take about 35 bags to breed 1000 fish to 1kg.  This comes to $700 to grow them to full adulthood. Here are different food sources for catfish.

Pellet Fish Feed

The main source is the formulated fish feed. The feed are pelleted into different millimeters according to the size of the fish. Fingerlings eat from 2mm to 4mm size of feed. The feed has all the nutrients, vitamins for fast growth. The size of the fish feed range from 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes.

Other Supplementary Food for Catfish

  • Earthworms
  • Maggots
  • Internal organs
  • Offal
  • Tadpoles
  • Fish feed
  • Dead fish
  • Eggs
  • Beef waste
  • Blood meal

Supplementary Food for Catfish



Earthworms are a good source of protein for the fish. Ways to get earthworms is through foraging, digging or starting a worm farm. It takes 6 to 7 months for worms to grow to full maturity in a worm farm.

To start the worm farm you need to construct a worm box, stock worms and prepare the soil. Feed them kitchen waste devoid of any oils. Make sure the worm box is kept moist and prevent them from escape or over wetting.  Read More


Fishes eat tadpoles when they are available. Tadpole are the young of frogs and toads. This technique is only possible if your pond is an earthen pond, stream.

Feed them Other Catfish

A technique catfish farmer’s use is to feed them dead catfish. The animals are very aggressive and tend to eat each other.

This is due to competition, hunger, illness or disease. Make sure ill or disease fish are evacuated quickly from the pond. Don’t feed sick fish, however fish injured during fights are fair game.

Feed them Other Fish

If you breed tilapia you can use them as a food source. Tilapia are not as hardy as catfish and they produce huge number of young.

You could remove the adult tilapia and introduce the catfish to eat their young. Make sure the catfish are at least mid-sized.

Beef Waste

Dry bone marrow waste and meat can be fed to the fish. Boil the meat to kill germs and shred to tenderize. Some feed them dead domestic animals like goats, chicken. They should be cut into pieces and boiled before feeding the fish.

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Blood Meal

Although you can feed them blood meal it is only supplementary and would add little growth to the fish. Some farmers go to abettors to get animal blood, boil before feeding the fish.


Feed the catfish cow, sheep, goat offal’s. Get internal organs and prepare by cutting and cooking them. They love offal’s however this type of feeding make them aggressive and competition.


Eggs are highly nutritious and has lots of protein. Feed unhatched eggs, infertile eggs and cracked eggs. Some fish farmers use dead day old chicks to complement regular feed.


Maggots are found in decaying and rotten food. The fish will happily eat maggots as supplementary food. Most food considered as waste are actually good for fish. However they should be processed through boiling.

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    1. Catfish love eating worms, they are like a delicacy to them. Feed them from juvenile stage. The worms are loaded with protein, however make sure they are clean.

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