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How to start a sushi restaurant. The sushi industry is huge taking million’s of dollars in America u kitchen or restaurant.     

The  first step to operating a sushi restaurant is to conduct a feasibility study,  then write a business plan.  You need to Learn how to make sushi, find capital and pick a location. Ensure authenticity of the cuisine, hire staff, register the business, and develop  a marketing strategy.

How to start a Sushi Restaurant

Write a feasibility study.

To write a feasibility study you need to cover different parameters. Understand what your competitors are doing well. In the study include preferred location, business structure, and target market.
Write a business plan
The plan should cover, funding, management team, core values of the restaurant.

Learn the trade.

There are two ways to learn the trade. To fast track the process you can hire a sushi chef or master sushi chef. The second way is tough, yet highly recommend way is to become a sushi chef.

How to become a sushi chef. Sushi is a fish and rice delicacy enjoyed worldwide. It has its origin from japanese cuisine. The cuisine goes beyond mere culinary delight and seen as a creative art accompanied by japanese legend and colorful stories.

Who is a sushi chef

A sushi chef is referred to as Itamae of sushi. To become one an apprentice goes through several years of training. A master Itamae is believe to posses such delicate skills that the rice grains are made to face the same direction.

How to become a sushi chef

The journey of sushi chef starts as an apprentice. First find a sushi restaurant or sushi training institute. Another option is to work under a master chef as an apprentice or junior chef.

Steps to becoming a sushi chef.

Step 1, become an apprentice.
The first step is to become an apprentice under an itamae of sushi or mater sushi chef.
Step2, Duration of training.
The Duration of training as an apprentice is five to ten years. In some extreme cases the training can last twenty years.

Type of training

The teaching over the first five years are learning behavioral movement and interaction with customers. The apprentice learns movement work and artistry of a chef. Finally the apprentice graduates to preparation of ingredients, and making of sushi rice. The last stage in the training is handling of utensils like knives, cutting board. The apprentice learns the secret ingredients like salt, vinegar and secret recipe.

First task

The first major task assigned to an apprentice is sushi rice preparation. The apprentice must pass the task by adhering to strict instructions for preparation. The chief chef checks the consistency of the preparation. Once the apprentice passes the test they move to wakita. Wakita translated is hear the cutting board. The apprentice moves up to sushi preparation and interaction with customers. After several years the apprentice graduates to become a sushi chef


Funding is an integral part of any enterprise. To acquire funds visit a commercial bank for loans. The type of loan should be long-term, low interest. Other loan sources are partnership or venture capitalist.


The location you choose should be in the heart of the city and popular dinning location. Make sure to follow zoning requirements.
Authenticity of cuisine.
One of the most important aspects of the restaurant is the authenticity of the dish. Sushi creation is a Japanese art steeped in culture taste and tradition. There are different types of sushi, some not so authentic.

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Hire staff

Make sure you hire the right staff with cognate experience. Hire well trained sushi chef for the real authentic feel. Other staff are cleaners, front desk clerk, storekeeper and manager.

Register business

Register the business as a limited liability company, the get insurance, and tax identification number.

Develop  a marketing strategy.

To compete favorably develop a marketing strategy. Use electronic media, print and online resources.

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