How to reduce cannibalism in catfish

reduce cannibalism in catfish. A serious problem in catfish production is cannibalism. This involves the fish attacking and eating each other. Cannibalism could lead to huge loss of stock which impacts negativity on profit.To stop this dangerous precedence a farmer needs to understand the underlining reasons this bad behaviour persist. Personal experience. I currently have […]

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Start a Tilapia Farm

Biofloc Production Systems for Aquaculture

Biofloc Production Systems for Aquaculture is perfect for low water areas. They are cost effective, environmentally friendly intensive form of aquaculture. Highly efficient it favors good feed conversion ratio, density stocking effective waste management system. Most biofloc system are perfect for shrimp or tilapia production. Composition Bioflocs are aggregates of protozoans, bacteria, algae or organic […]

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Pond Management in Brackishwater System

Stock pond management in brackishwater system is essential for good productivity. Brackish water culture involves the production of prawns or local fish in a controlled environment. The business is very viable because the prawns or shrimps have good local and export market. 70% of prawn culture in India is traditions system of farming. Things that […]

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How to Start Fruit and Vegetable Packhouse Business

An integrated pack house intending to export needs to follow guidelines for export. This include standardization, quality testing, and traceability to meet international standards. Packhouse processing includes safely handling the raw materials, holding and pre-inspection. Premium is placed on food safety, hygiene, quality, traceability. Others are sorting the produce, grading them, weighing, washing and standardized […]

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