Sewage Fish: Sewage–Fed Fish Culture

Huge population growth around the world requires a sustainable source of protein. Demand for fish is growing every day while fisheries struggle to meet the huge demand. To fill the gap fish farming has become very lucrative. Advancement in technology better knowledge of feed/water management has increase production. To meet this demand there are different […]

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Soy Feed Fish: Guide to Soy-Based Feed for Fish

To increase aquaculture yield the feed should incorporate good absorption and 100% ingredient digestion. Best feed are cost effective perfect for different marine spices low waste. There are also environmental considerations ingredient souring and price. Different Kinds of Fish Feed Different types of fish food includes non-conventional feed, frozen and dried feed. Others are fresh […]

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fish tank

How to Start Pet Fish Store

Here is how to start freshwater pet fish store. If you have a passion for aquarium fish then pet fish store is your best bet. The business is fun, easy to establish and profitable. You need to leverage on knowledge of aquatic animals be dedication with lots of creativity. Steps to Start Pet Fish Store […]

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tilapia farming

Tilapia Farming: How to Start a Tilapia Farm

Tilapia farming: Here is an article on how to start a catfish farm. Tilapia is a popular delicacy eaten worldwide recent development in aquaculture has increased the production and population of the fish. Growing culture includes earthen ponds, lakes, rivers, tanks. Top producers are found in Asian countries and West Africa. Top Producers Top producers […]

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mud crab

Mud Crab Aquaculture: Mud Crab Farming Information Guide

Mud crap Aquaculture or crab farming is commercially viable but capital intensive. Farmers require expert knowledge on crustaceans, nutrition, breeding culture, pond management. Other considerations are marketing, processing, crab breeding, and grow out. They attract premium price have good export potential, domestic applications. List of Edible Crabs Edible crab variety are red claw, green mud, […]

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