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Useful Catfish Farming Equipment You Need for Success

Useful Catfish Farming Equipment  Catfish farming is a specialized sector of aquaculture and it requires specialized catfish farming equipment. The equipment needed for fish farming perform different functions making the farming experience easier. Without proper equipment the catfish farmer would struggle with basic tasks. Tasks like counting the fish, harvesting, and proper oxygenation of the […]

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Learn How to Build Different Catfish Ponds

How to build your catfish pond Here is how to build your catfish pond. Once you have found adequate landed space, provided a good source of water the next logical step is the pond. The fish pond is another important aspect of growing catfish because the type of pond shows the farmers niche. Hatcheries, nurseries […]

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catfish farming land

Starting a Catfish Farm with Adequate Land

Land for your catfish farm Fish farming is a highly lucrative business venture because of the high demand for catfish and the top premium price of the fish. Before starting your fish farm there are certain things to must consider. Important considerations like the landed space for the fish tanks, and source of clean fresh […]

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Types of Supplementary Food for Catfish

luckily there are different types of supplementary food for catfish. A catfish farmer needs to find different food sources for his fish. This is because the price of extruded feed is expensive. The cost of feed is huge because 1 bag of feed costs about $20. It will take about 35 bags to breed 1000 […]

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Catfish Hatchery: How to hatch catfish fingerlings

A fish farmer should understand catfish hatchery techniques. African catfish breeding is the simple solution to re-stock depleting reserves in the wild. Breeding them domestically affords the farmer better control of the breeding process. The first attempts in the early 80s where marginally successful. However with increased knowledge and simple techniques any farmer with the […]

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