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types of tomatoes

Tomato Farming

This guide will show you how to grow tomatoes in your garden or farm. We will cover every aspect from seed planting, soil type, irrigation, including perfect weather conditions for tomatoes to thrive.

The good news is that tomato plants are rugged and easy to grow, they grow in different containers, roadside, garden or farmland.

Uses of tomatoes

It is one of the most consumed vegetables worldwide. A favorite in salads, different culinary dishes, or ketchup. The vegetable is used in tomato puree, Tin tomato paste, tomato sauce and tomato juice.


  1. Culinary dishes
  2. Tomato puree
  3. Tin tomato paste
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. Tomato juice

Things to consider to grow tomatoes

There are a few things to consider to grow tomatoes commercially or as a hobby. The first is seed selection, soil type, transplanting, stalking, plant care, seed preparation. A commercial venture needs to find good farmland, irrigation system, watering, pest control measures.

  1. Seed selection
  2. Soil type
  3. Tansplanting
  4. Stalking
  5. Plant care
  6. Seed preparation.

A commercial venture needs

  1. All of the above
  2. Farmland
  3. Irrigation system
  4. Watering
  5. Pest control measures

What do I need to grow tomatoes from seed?

To grow tomatoes from seed select a flowering pot then fill with seed compost, next sow 2 to 4 seeds on surface and water. Next cover with vermiculite keep at 18°C (64°F). To achieve heated propagation cover with clear plastic bag and place on a window for warmth.

What tools do you need to plant tomatoes?

In a home garden you need basic hand tools to grow tomatoes. Common garden tools to grow tomatoes are garden trowel, rake, tomato cages, pump sprayer, tiler cultivator, garden gloves.

A tiler cultivator brakes up dirt clods reducing the need for heavy hoeing. While tomato cages help manage spreading.

What fertilizer is best for tomatoes?

Tomato plants are heavy feeders therefore they need good amount of fertilizer. To reduce the depends on fertilizer use generous amount of manure in top 10 inches of soil at planting stage.
Best type of fertilizer is one high in phosphorus at a ratio of 4-7-10.

Is potting mix good for tomatoes?

Use potting mix only for container gardening, a properly manured garden is better.

Do tomatoes grow better in pots or in the ground?

It will thrive in both pot or ground conditions so long the pot is large with perfect soil, water and warmth.

Do tomatoes need full sun?

They need only 6 to 8 hours of sun

What soil do tomatoes need?

To much nitrogen will produce good vegetation and poor fruiting, soil PH 6.2 to 6.8

How long does tomatoes to grow?

How long does it take tomatoes to reach full maturity? The answer depends on the variety, however most tomatoes reach full maturity in 60 to 80 days. There are however fast growing types that achieve full maturity in 49 days.

What is the best method to grow tomatoes?

The best method to grow tomatoes is through transplanting method. There are two ways to achieve this, the gardener only had to buy tomato sprouts or transplants from a greenhouse and plant in garden.

The same applies for commercial farmers, plant the seeds in pots and once they sprout and grow several inches transplant to farmland.

To choose best transplants select short stocky pencil sized plants with straight sturdy stems with dark green leaves. Avoid transplants with spots, fruits, flowers, or signs of damage. It is important to know which variety you are planting.

Step by Step Guide on How to Grow Tomatoes: Tomato Farming

In the right conditions tomatoes grow easily and produce bountiful fruit. However tomato farming requires good nursery, land preparation, transplanting method, best variety or seedlings.

Timing is of the essence because the plant grows best in certain periods of the year.Here is a guide on how to Ggow tomatoes.

How to grow tomatoes

Tomato Nursery Preparation

The journey of a tomato plant starts from the nursery. A well prepared and tendered nursery will yield bountiful plants.

There are two ways to prepare a nursery for sprouting seeds, either on raised beds or flowering pot.
Raised bed method is used in the garden or farmland while flowering pot is preferable for greenhouse.lf you don’t have a greenhouse any windowsill with adequate sunlight will do.

Once the seed establish root, leaves with straight sturdy stems and dark leaves it is ready for transplanting. Before you start the process of transplanting make sure you prepare the garden or farm land.

How to prepare nursery

Tomato plant at early stage need proper care to grow. Perfect temperature is from 32 degrees Fahrenheit, soil temperature of 60 F to 80 F.

Best month for growing tomatoes is just before start of rainy season preferably later March or early April. This depends on the country and geographical location, just before the rainy season is ideal.

Tomato nursery potting mix

There are two types of potting mix for tomato nursery plants. We have the soilless potting mix and soil potting mix.
Soilless potting mix is perfect for pot or container farming. The soilless potting mix is a seed mix of sand or wood bark, vermiculite, perlite and peat moss or coconut coir. There are many premade soilless potting mix in the market.

How to plant in potting mix

Place the seeds on top of soil in center of pot then cover with a little soil then sprinkle water. After that place the pot in warm area.

Types of tomato varieties

There are a huge variety of tomatoes in the market. Some types are Lukullus, Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. var. España, Mr. Stripey, Japanese Black Trifele, Hillbilly tomato, Big Rainbow. Others are Santorini tomato, Jubilee tomato, Big Beef, Moneymaker, Tigerella, Green Zebra, Campari Tomato. More are Early Girl, Kumato, Black Krim, Better, Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes.

Types of tomatoes

  1. Lukullus
  2. Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. var. España
  3. Mr. Stripey
  4. Japanese Black Trifele
  5. Hillbilly tomato
  6. Big Rainbow
  7. Santorini tomato
  8. Jubilee tomato
  9. Big Beef
  10. Moneymaker, Tigerella
  11. Green Zebra
  12. Campari Tomato
  13. Early Girl
  14. Kumato
  15. Black Krim
  16. Better
  17. Roma Tomatoes
  18. Cherry Tomatoes

Transplanting seedlings to farm

Before you transplant seedlings from nursery make sure they are 3 to 4 inch tall. Make sure the hole in the garden easily accommodates the roots of the seedling. Then pat the ground around the plant for better grip. Finally apply water whenever the soil is dry.


Tomato plant are climbing plants so they need some support.Stake to train and prune the tomato plant. Pruning and training tomatoes for proper growth is very important. Types of staking are Trellises, Single stakes, wire tomato cages.

How to grow tomatoes from seed

To grow tomatoes from seed you need rich soil, warm temperature with plenty of water. The first step is to buy quality seeds from good source. There are different variety of tomatoes therefore choose the one best suited to your environment.

Purchase your preference form a local market, store or farmer. Once you have the tomato slice it in half and remove the seeds with a spoon. Then gently wash the seeds, clean and dry, next wrap the completely dry seeds in paper and store in cool dry place.


Rich soil with added compost or organic matter will help the plant grow. Next use a seed tray and push individuall seeds in each hole, pat soil to cover the seed but avoid compacting the soil.


Tomato grows best in warm temperatures therefore any location with adequate sunlight will do, ideal temperature for growth is from 55 degrees. If you live in area with cold temperature you need to keep the plant in warm area.

Replanting or potting

Once the sprouts are 3 to 4 inches it is time to re – pot or replant. Replant into pots, flowering baskets, window boxes, nursery or garden.

Make sure wherever you replant all the elements for growth are present.if you are planting in garden till the soil, remove stones or debris. Enrich the soil with compost or organic matter.

Replant in the garden and erect stakes close to plant or errect upright trellis close to a wall, this will aid the tomato vines climb and produce fruit.Next prune out dense foliage from the tomato stem

How to care for tomato plant

Ways to care for tomato plant include minimal irrigation of farm, water the crop at ground level, remove dried leaves and mulch.

Prune out dense foliage from the tomato stem and weed out vegetation. While working on the farm disinfect the farm tools before use, try to fertilizer the soil and control insect or pests.

Care for tomato plant

  1. minimal irrigation of farm
  2. water the crop at ground level
  3. remove dried leaves
  4. mulch
  5. prune out dense foliage
  6. weed out vegetation
  7. disinfect the farm tools
  8. fertilizer the soil
  9. control insect or pests


Tomato are usually harvested when green, this is because large fully mature tomatoes already have mature seed. The vegetable is ready for harvesting in two months.

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