Types of Fishing: Types of Fishing Techniques


Types of Fishing: Interested in fishing there are many fishing techniques used by commercial fishermen and sports fishing. The method depends on the type of fish, ocean, river, lake or sea. It is important for aspiring fishermen to know the best gear and fishing technique. Here are a list of fishing gear and techniques.

Types of Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

Regardless of fishing technique purpose either recreational or commercial an anglers need good equipment. Any equipment used for fishing is referred to as fishing tackle or fishing gear. The equipment used for fishing depends on the function or target fish. Here is a list of fishing tackle.

Fishing tackle

Common gear are nets, floats, lines, rods, hooks and waders. More include sinkers, lures, traps, gaffs, spares and baits.


Fishing Nets

A fishing net is basically a woven net or knotted mesh. It is formed through a knotting, weaving process from fibrous plant material, flaxes and artificial polyamides. Some are made from nylon, silk, wool or glass.

Types of fishing nets

Fishing nets are categorized based on their function or built material. We have casting net, bottom net, and coracle net. Others include drive-in net, drift net, drag net, fixed gillnet. More are hand net, gillnet, landing net, ghost net, surrounding, shore operated lift net, pulse seine. There is the mid-water trawl, lift net. Lave net, plankton net, seining, push, and trammel net.

Types of Net

  • casting net
  • bottom net
  • coracle net
  • drive-in net
  • drift net
  • drag net
  • fixed gillnet
  • hand net
  • gill net
  • landing net
  • ghost net
  • surrounding
  • shore operated
  • lift net
  • pulse
  • seine
  • mid-water trawl
  • lift net
  • lave net
  • plankton net
  • seining
  • push
  • trammel net


Bottom trawl net is used for rockfish, squid, cod, ground fish and halibut. The large conical shaped pulled or dragged along bottom of sea. Dragnets are similar to bottom trawl in application with a variation in depth.

Cast nets are used to catch small fish they are small round nets with weights on the edges. The net is thrown by hand to achieve a spread over the surface before it sinks. This type of net is common to rural fishermen in West Africa.

Drift net: Common to coastal waters is the drift net. The net basically drifts with the current without an anchor. Unlike the drift net the drive-in is anchored along seabed to catch school of fish. Fixed gillnet are used in rivers to catch fish in shallows. Similar to gillnets are tangle nets with smaller mesh.

Hand nets are used to sweep fish on surface of water. While lave net are large hand nets used to catch large fish.

Push nets are used at bottom of shallow waters in a push action. Seine nets have weights attached to bottom edge and arranged vertically in water. Ghost nets reference fishing nets lost in the sea while surround net are seine type nets spread to surround the fish.


Some nets require a different kinds of float to stay in place. Some are made from wood, cork, birch bark, plastic foam, glass or hard plastic floats.

  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Birch bark
  • Plastic foam
  • Glass
  • Hard plastic floats

Fishing Lines

To successfully pull fish a fishing line should have good tensile strength. The strength is enhanced by a braiding process and made from fibers.  Common lines are braided fishing line, Abaca rope, fishing line and Twine. Others are Monofilament, multifilament, manila fishing lines.

  • braided fishing line
  • Abaca rope
  • fishing line
  • Twine
  • Monofilament
  • Multifilament
  • manila fishing lines

Types of Fishing Techniques

There are different types of fishing techniques applied by fishermen. We have flounder tramping, noodling and netting. Others include angling, spearfishing, fly fishing, kite fishing and ice fishing. More includes trapping, bottom fishing cormorant fishing, dynamite fishing and electrofishing.

Types of fishing

  1. Explosive fishing
  2. cormorant fishing
  3. Trapping
  4. Electrofishing
  5. Kite fishing
  6. Ice fishing
  7. Angling
  8. Fly fishing
  9. Netting
  10. Bottom fishing
  11. Spear fishing
  12. Flounder trapping
  13. Noodling

Explosive fishing and cormorant fishing

Dynamite fishing is a banned method of fishing because it involves explosives. The fisherman uses a controlled mechanism or simply throws the bomb into a lake or river. He then scoops the dead fish with a net.

In the case of cormorant fishing a trained cormorant with ring on neck catches the fish.  The ring on the neck prevents the bird from swallowing the fish. This practice is almost extinct and common to ancient china.

Trapping and electrofishing

This method is usually deployed by scientists to stun fish by applying small currents of electricity. Trapping is practice mainly by local fishermen and large fishing boats. Methods involves luring the fish to enter the trap without an exit. Types of traps include basket trapping, nets, fencing and cages.

Kite fishing and ice fishing

Kite fishing was invented in china and popular in New Guinea. Kites are used to carry fish hooks and lines to remote areas. Ice fishing is a popular way eskimo fish by making a whole in the ice. They then use a line and hook to catch the fish trapped under the ice.

Angling and fly fishing

 Angling and fly fishing are similar in application. Artificial fly lures are used on fly rods or lines to catch fish. While anglers use angle hooks, rods, lines and weight sinker to catch fish.

Netting and bottom fishing

There are different types of nets used in netting. Some are large trawler nets or hand cast nets depending on type of fish they want to catch. While bottom fishing require the use of heavy weights to sink the lures and catch bottom feeders.

Spear fishing, flounder trapping, noodling

Popular in Hawaii spear fishing involves the diver going underwater with a spear to catch fish. Flounder trapping is a game sport popular in Scotland whereby participants stomp on flatfish. Noodling involves using you hand to catch catfish in a hole.

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