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Poultry Business Ideas

Did you know that India is one of the largest markets for poultry in the world and the bird are number one source of protein followed by fish, goat or sheep? Rearing the birds is highly lucrative and the entrepreneur has a choice of different poultry products to consider.

Poultry farming does not refer only to chickens but a wide array of commercially viable birds. Products in the industry includes production of meat, eggs and feathers.

Small scale businesses with moderate to low income have good entry point with some of the under-listed poultry industries.

Things to Consider

Things to consider before starting the business are writing a business plan, carrying out survey and feasibility study. Others are siting the farm, buying cages, sourcing startup stock.

Others include securing funding, tax, and insurance, appropriate pricing, marketing. Poultry birds require feeding, medicals, proper nutrition, good sanitation, labor and transportation

Poultry Business Ideas
Poultry Business Ideas

14 Lucrative Poultry Business Ideas

  1. Duck farming

Duck farming is done small scale homestead business. Farmers are found in the rural areas with a few birds. Commercial duck production is still at its infancy in Nigeria with low demand for the bird. However the relative “scarcity” of the product attracts premium price in the market. Read more

  • Egg farming

Egg farming is very lucrative and highly competitive. There are many players in the industry making huge profit daily. The business is moderately challenging with high demand for poultry products. Chicken eggs are the most popular products with demand hardly meeting supply. Read more

  • Hatchery business

Hatcheries offer a valuable service to poultry farmers. Their job is to produce the chicks for meat or egg production. Most hatcheries in Nigeria hardly meet demand with a long waiting list for chicks. Read more

  • Layer poultry

Layer poultry birds for egg production is the most popular poultry business in Nigeria. A farmer tends to make 2/3rds of his investment in this business. However challenges include regular feeding of layers mash, pen, maintenance, labor costs. Read more

  • Quail farming

It is not uncommon to find street hawkers selling quail eggs in traffic. The eggs are known to have many health benefits. Although smaller than chicken eggs they are well priced and loved by locals. Read more

  • Ostrich farming

Ostrich farming is challenging and very lucrative. Difficulties include appropriation land, sourcing the birds and feeding. Ostrich birds are difficult to manage and you need lots of space. The birds are farmed for the protein rich eggs, meat quality and feathers. Read more

  • Frozen chicken sales

Frozen foods business is a very attractive venture. Startup is low and equipment is basic and easily sourced. All the entrepreneur needs is a shop in a busy neighborhood, refrigerator, weighing scale and knife. Read more

  • Selling poultry equipment

Poultry farmers regularly demand new equipment for their business. Products include cages, pens, water trough, heater units, and automatic feeders. The equipment sold are either locally fabricated or imported. Read more

  • Guineafowl

Small-hold rural farmers are known to keep guinea fowl. Their eggs are popular especially in the northern states of Nigeria. The meat is sold as barbeque, fried, smoked or grilled. Read mor

  • Pigeon rearing

Pigeons are not raised commercially in Nigeria however you will find some people keeping them for home consumption. Read more

  • Turkey farming

Turkey is the second most popular bird meat in Nigeria. The bird is served in restaurants, fast food outfits, bars, pubs, hotels. Many household prefer turkey to chicken and are usually bought frozen. Although importation is banned the bird is mostly smuggled from neighboring countries. Read more

  • Swan farming

To my knowledge there are no swan farms in Nigeria. This might be due to the geographical location not conducive for swan production. However the bird is farmed in foreign countries. Read more

  • Poultry feed manufacture

Poultry feed production is highly lucrative and easy to establish. This is because all the ingredients needed for feed production is abundant in the country. To succeed an entrepreneur needs quality equipment, regular supply of raw materials, transportation and marketing. Read more

  • Peafowl Farming

Peafowls are decorative birds bred for zoos, botanical gardens, meat and feathers. Most breeders are smallhold farmers and grow other poultry products alongside other birds. The bird is very expensive and attracts premium price. Read More

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