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Vegan Protein Bar Production

Vegan protein bar production business is very lucrative and moderately challenging. Global market in protein bars is expected to exceed $1 billion dollars in 2020. This is because of the rising interest in exercise and fitness activity. Major brands in the industry are KIND, Clif Bar and LARABAR.

The niche industry is not fully explored making it a veritable business venture. There are many types of protein bars however vegan bars are not so common. Niche areas with low investment and high returns are organic protein bars, gluten free protein bars, vegan protein bars. Energy bars are generally target at sports individuals in need of vitamins/supplement boost.

Types of Protein Bars

Protein bars are generally made to fit an individual’s specific needs. Dietary ingredients in the bars include high fiber, paleo, less than 3g sugar, keto-friendly, high protein bars. There are many types of protein bars in the market. Some are grass fed whey protein bars, vegan pea protein, kale, spirulina.


  • grass fed whey protein bars
  • vegan pea protein
  • kale
  • organic protein bars
  • gluten free protein bars
  • vegan protein bar
  • high fiber
  • low sugar bars


Instead of starting from scratch another option is franchising. However franchising isn’t cheap and requires adequate startup funding. A good partner to consider is they develop bars and co-manufacture.

Their products include bars, cookies, shakes, cereals and nut butters. They offer full service solutions that brings your vision to the shelves. Other services include custom recipe formulation, packaging, design, manufacturing and distribution.

Things to expect from franchise partner

  1. full range of products
  2. custom products/recipes
  3. training
  4. full service solutions
  5. good packaging/distribution network

Conduct Research

Vegan protein bar is a specialty product that requires adequate research and development. It is essential to determine target market, market segmentation, trends and competitors.

Make sure the product meets international standards are high quality and has identification number. Research nutritional guides, health/safety protocols, labeling, batch number.

Develop a Recipe

There are hundreds of recipes for protein bars however yours needs to stand out from the rest. Develop a recipe based on the target market and determine the ingredients or supplements added to the bar.

Other determinants are quantity, production per hour, type of equipment used in the process. Others are sourcing quality raw materials for the protein bar, size of commercial kitchen, labor.


Incorporate either a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Get tax identification number, insurance and operational license. The premises should pass health inspection test and staff need to undergo health certification. It is important to comply with the countries food and drug administration regulations include federal or state guidelines.

Vegan Protein Bar Production

Raw Materials

Large production companies require huge amount of raw materials. Source raw materials locally and purchase in bulk. Make sure the raw materials are high grade quality for best results. Ingredients are only limited to your imagination.  Common ingredients in vegan bars are oats, vegan powder, dates, nut butter.

soybean milling

Sales Strategy

Producers of any item require the services of major distributors or wholesalers. They in turn sell to retailers, grocery stores or supermarkets. Use different sales/distribution strategies including online resources. Sell from a dedicated local store or from an ecommerce store. Network with stores with nationwide distribution channels or national chain stores.


Make sure the marketing campaign targets sports oriented vegans. Place local advertisement on radio, television or print. Use flyer, billboards, posters, banners, business cards, signboards to attract patronage. Sell them at corner store, grocery store, gas station, convenience store, pharmacy.

Homemade vegan protein bars

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