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organic fertilizer

What are the different types of fertilizer

A fertilizer is either synthetic or natural, they provide the nutrients plant need for fast growth. Industrial grade fertilizer contains potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and micronutrients.

Organic or natural fertilizers include manure, compost, organic waste material. Classification of fertilizer include single nutrient or straight fertilizer and multi-nutrient or complex fertilizer.

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organic fertilizer
organic fertilizer

Different types of fertilizer

There are different types of fertilizer for farmers in the market. Different types of fertilizer are organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio -fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, nitrogenous fertilizer.


  1. organic fertilizer
  2. inorganic fertilizer
  3. bio -fertilizer
  4. NPK fertilizer
  5. nitrogenous fertilizer

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are naturally produced fertilizers that Contain carbon

Inorganic fertilizer

Inorganic fertilizer contains nutrient elements for crops growth and development.

Bio fertilizer

Biofertilizers consists of living microbes who enhance plant nutrition by increasing nutrients in soils.

NPK fertilizer

NPK fertilizer has nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) for plant growth.

Nitrogenous fertilizer

Fertilizer production machine for fertilizer production line

Types of fertilizer granulator machine

There are different types of granulator for fertilizer production line. Granulator machinery include the New fertilizer granulator machine for ball shaped particles, round polishing granulator machine, high pressure on roller dry granulator machine.

Others are flat-die press granulator, rotary drum granulator, pan granulator, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator, roll press granulator.

Types of fertilizer granulator

  1. new fertilizer granulator machine
  2. ball shaped particles
  3. round polishing granulator machine
  4. high pressure on roller dry granulator machine
  5. flat-die press granulator
  6. rotary drum granulator
  7. pan granulator
  8. organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulator
  9. roll press granulator

Fertilizer granulator machine

New type Fertilizer granulator machine is an organic fertilizer granulator developed using latest technology. Used to granulate ball shaped particles it is efficient and cost effective. It uses different kinds of organic matter after the fermentation and crushing process.


This fertilizer granulator machine achieves 100% organic granules, has good mass, and produces round granulate balls. Moisture content if about 30%, doesn’t require drying after the fermentation process.


A popular model type of organic fertilizer granulator is the YSL-60, YSL-80, YSL-100, YSL-120. The YSL-60 has product capsity of 1.5t/h 30 kw. The YSL-80 uses 2-4t/h 45kw, YSL-100 uses 4-6t/h 55kw, YSL-120 uses 6-8t/h at 75kw power.

Compound fertilizer equipment

Regarding compound fertilizer equipment a fertilizer production line uses different machinery to produce low, medium, high organic or non organic compound fertilizer.

The main compound fertilizer equipment are rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, vertical crusher. Others are disc mixer, belt conveyor system, fertilizer coating machine, dryer, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, disc mixer, elevator.

Fertilizer production line equipment

  1. rotary drum granulator
  2. disc granulator
  3. vertical crusher
  4. disc mixer
  5. belt conveyor system
  6. fertilizer coating machine
  7. dryer
  8. rotary dryer
  9. rotary cooler
  10. disc mixer, elevator

Roller press granulator

Roller press granulator is used for compound fertilizer granulation. It uses a motor belt to drive the pulley, belt or shaft. Raw materials are fed through a feed hopper, then after the process of extrusion, molding and demolding. It goes through screening, separator into powder, and granulation mixture. A key feature is the machine separates, molds, screen and granulate.

Ball shaped organic fertilizer granular machine

At sowing season farmers spread organic granular fertilizer because of its high nutritious value for the plants.
Perfect for smallhold production it has bio-organic particles including in – organic compounds. Complete granules include straw, corn, grass meal, bean

Advantage of ball shaped organic fertilizer granular machine.

The ball shaped organic fertilizer granular machine has a rotational design, high granulating rate.

Although we strive to keep the information up-to-date some details may vary from those obtained in the market.

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