What are the essential nutrients for plants


What are the essential nutrients for plants

In order to develop, produce fruit or flowers, a plant needs some essential nutrients to grow. There are some essential nutrients or specific compounds or elements for fast growth and development.

Lack of these essential nutrients will cause stunted growth, poor development or zero seed germination. Organic compounds like manure need to be broken down to their different element before the plant can use it.

Without the essential nutrients for plants development of flowers, leaves, stems or roots it’s impossible to grow. This highlights the great importance of essential nutrients for plants. An adult plant that suddenly lacks essential nutrients will die.

However having too much or too little nutrients will have severe constituencies on the plant. Too much manganese turn leaves yellow, nitrogen produce more leaves, less fruits. Therefore having the right quality or balance is important. Knowing the right combination for their needs will produce healthier bountiful harvest.

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essential nutrients for plants

How to determine nutrient level in soil

The easiest way to determine nutrient level in soil is a laboratory test. It is important to determine nutrient level in the soil for healthier plant growth. Before applying fertilizer there are simple determinants to diagnose nutrient deficiency.

Study the leafs for signs of yellowing. Yellow or white leaf veins, yellow leaves, dead leaves or dead tissue on leaf edge. Another sign of deficiency is poor or stunted growth.

Signs of nutrient deficiency in soil

  1. Yellowing
  2. Yellow or white leaf veins
  3. Yellow leaves
  4. Dead leaves
  5. Dead tissue on leaf edge
  6. Sunted growth.

Plant essential nutrients

According to a scientific publication there are 16 essential nutrients for plants development. They are grouped into primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and micro or trace nutrients.

Primary nutrients. for plant growth

Primary nutrients or macronutrients are the main nutrients needed for plant growth and development. They are the most important compounds in the soil.

Primary nutrients

Primary or macronutrients are potassium, oxygen, and nitrogen. Others are phosphorus, hydrogen and carbon.

  1. potassium
  2. oxygen
  3. nitrogen
  4. phosphorus
  5. hyhdrogen
  6. carbon

Secondary nutrients for plant growth

Secondary nutrients are also lmportant to the development of the plant, however these nutrients are needed in smaller amounts.

Secondary nutrients
Secondary nutrients needed for plant growth are calcium, magnesium, and sulphur

  1. calcium,
  2. magnesium,
  3. sulfur

Micro- or trace nutrients
Micronutrients are used in minute amounts relative to secondary or primary nutrients.

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