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Beef is the culinary meat derived from cattle, especially the skeletal muscle. It is a good source of protein has 250 calories per 100 grams. Other sources of beef are from buffallo, ox, bull, cow.
Quality beef
Quality beef refers to livestock meat devoid of violative chemical residues. The beef are organically farmed with fresh feed and raised in hygenic enviromnt. Apart from beef quality assurance, farmers are expected to conform to best managment practices for good yield.
Most government authorities have invested in detailed regulations, on beef quality audit, improved beef quality, consistence in production and uniformity in the produce.

How to distinguish quality beef
Quality beef is charaterized by its tenderness, low trimmable fat and delicous taste. quality beef are juicy, lean, have lovely flavor. Others include tenderness, color, ease of preparation and price.
USDA quality grade is a uniform measurement of which beef is regareded as quality. Consistency in quality beef production include consumer research, genetic, eniromental conditions to produce consistent beef.
Safety and wholeness
The safety and wholeness of the product starts with strict government regulations, farming method, mode of harvesting. The product is subject to state or federal inspection and use of science to check for pathogens in the product.
The beef goes through USDA yield grading, USDA quality grading and are issued beef quality assurance certification.
USDA quality grading
USDA quality grading focus on color of leanness, firmness, texture of meat. oothers are maturity, flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Quality grading is voluntary because not all carcasses are graded.
Quality grade for beef carcases according to USDA grade are Cnner, Cutter, Commercial, Utility. others are standard, select, choice and prime beef. USDA yields numericall grading are YG 1, YG2,YG3,YG4,YG5 carcass.
Quality Grade Beef
List of quality grade beef are standard, canner, cutter, select, choice, prime, commercial. prime beef has most marbling and sold in top-end restaurants. USDA choice cuts have less marbling and sold widely. USDA select have even lower marbling and are less jucy.
Higest quality to lowest quality

  1. USDA Prime
  2. USDA Choice
  3. US Select beef
  4. US Standard beef
  5. US Utilitty
  6. US cutter
  7. US canner
    Highest quality beef is the USDA Prime with 2.9% Carcass geade quality has intramuscular fat. Next is the USDA Choice which has high quality beef and perfect from food service industry.
    Next is the US Select beef which is quality beef, while the US Select is retail quality beef. More are the US Standard beef without marbling and low cost beef.The last three standardization are US Utilitty, US cutter and US canner.

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