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Wheat Flour Produce Factory

Wheat flour is a powdery substance enriched with fiber and vitamin. Used in many culinary applications like cakes, pasta, biscuits and bread. The flour consistency differs based on the manufacturer’s specification.

Types of wheat flour

Different types are produced based on application. We have bread flour, pastry flour, cake-flour, bleached. Others are self-rising flour, enriched, whole grain, plain and instant flour.

Different wheat Flour

  • bread flour
  • pastry flour
  • cake-flour
  • bleached
  • self-rising flour
  • enriched
  • whole grain
  • plain
  • instant flour
wheat flour business
wheat flour business

Steps to start wheat flour produce factory business

First write a wheat production business plan and carry put a feasibility study. Study the competition, find a suitable location and secure funding. Apply for manufacturer’s license, tax, get insurance.

Make sure the product has an identification number and certification from appropriate agency. Other considerations are health inspection, and environmental assessment. Purchase quality equipment, lease space, hire staff, and develop an effective marketing strategy.

Steps to start wheat flour produce factory

  1. write a wheat production business plan
  2. carry put a feasibility study
  3. study the competition
  4. find a suitable location
  5. secure funding
  6. apply for manufacturer’s license
  7. get tax number
  8. get insurance
  9. get product identification number
  10. secure manufacturing license
  11. pass health inspection
  12. environmental assessment
  13. purchase quality equipment
  14. lease space
  15. hire staff
  16. marketing

Making wheat flour

The process is very simple and straightforward. Select quality grain and place in milling machine or grinder. Blend vigorously and add other ingredients into the mix. Contain the flour in waterproof package and seal airtight then refrigerate for longevity.


Securing adequate funding is moderately challenging. Approach a commercial or trade bank for loans. Make sure the loan is long termed low interest loans.

Other funding sources are venture capitalists, crowd funding, and angel investors. Another way is to target save, borrow from family, friends or join a cooperative.

Financing the business

  • commercial or trade bank for loans
  • venture capitalists
  • crowd funding
  • angel investors
  • target savings
  • borrow from family, friends
  • join a cooperative


The primary machinery is the milling machine, packaging machine. There are locally fabricated milling machines and automated ones. Choose a rugged highly durable equipment with multifunctional capacity. Other specifications are range, functionality, zero pollution, huge capacity.

Hire staff

Hire only qualified staff with years of cognate experience. Staff requirements are driver’s factory workers, manager, secretary and accountant.

  • driver’s factory workers
  • manager
  • secretary
  • accountant
  • maketers


There are some environmental issues aimed at zero pollution and food safety. Secure a trade license, tax identification and register the business. Incorporate a limited liability company, get insurance cover.

The product must pass testing and standardization to obtain a certification. There are state and federal institutions that regulate production. The product requires appropriate content identification, branding.

  • secure a trade license
  • tax identification
  • register the business
  • incorporate a limited liability company
  • get insurance cover
  • pass standardization test
  • obtain a certification, manufacturing license
  • use branding


Producers need a good value chain to sell the finished product. Attract wholesalers, distributors to push the product to the retailers. Offer discounts, appropriate pricing, and promotions to reach ore customers.

Use television advertisement, radio and online resources. Print billboards, signboards, flyers and posters to introduce the product. Attend trade fairs, conduct seminars, local events and sponsor popular sports events. Build a website, blog, use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

Ways to Market the Product

  • use wholesalers, distributors
  • offer discounts
  • appropriate pricing
  • promotions
  • use television advertisement
  • radio
  • online resources
  • print billboards
  • signboards
  • flyers
  • posters
  • attend trade fairs
  • conduct seminars
  • local events
  • sponsor popular sports events
  • build a website
  • blog
  • use social media channels


Choose a location close to raw materials or marketplace. Make sure the location is easily accessible with good road network and utilities. Make provisions for factory, storefront and an administrative office.

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