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Wheat milling machinery

Wheat milling machinery process flow

Wheat milling process flow starts with wheat harvesting, transportation to factors, sorting and cleaning. Next stage is milling, further processing, packing of wheat flour.

Wheat milling machinery

Wheat milling flow

  1. wheat harvesting
  2. transportation to factors
  3. sorting and cleaning
  4. milling
  5. further processing
  6. packing of wheat flour

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Cleaning and Pre-cleaning


Production process begins with pre-cleaning to remove impurities. During the farm harvesting and shipment the produce is mixed-up with impurities. Common impurities found in pre-harvested wheat are stones, straw, dirt and other impurities. This is done to maintain the integrity of the produce and reduce damage to the wheat milling machinery.


After the process of cleaning the wheat goes through further cleaning. This ensure the quality of the raw material at this stage of production. It goes through cleaning equipment like stone removal, magnetic separator, aspirator, optical sorting, wheat sorting and screening.

Cleaning Machinery

Make sure the sorting equipment purchased has the functions highlighted above. Features to consider in machinery are maximum removal of impurities, well sealed dust free equipment. Sorting and cleaning machinery should have combined methods, easy maintenance and low power consumption.

Types of Wheat milling machinery

Here is a list machinery needed to carry out wheat flour production. There are different manufacturers and brands in the market, however purchase machinery to carry out each stage of production or line equipment.

Types of machinery are drum cleaner, rotary vibrating cleaner, twin-shaft intensive dampener , gravety grading destoner. Others are detacher, dust collector, bran finisher, wheat grinding machine set,wheat flour milling machinery. More include bagging machine, square plansifter, purifier, pneumatic flour mill.

Broiler farm equipment 

List of wheat milling machine

  1. drum cleaner
  2. rotary vibrating cleaner
  3. twin-shaft intensive dampner
  4. gravety grading destoner
  5. detacher
  6. dust collector
  7. bran finisher
  8. wheat grinding machine set
  9. wheat flour milling machinery
  10. bagging machine

Mill with concrete or steel platform.

Most manufacturers provide installation of complete milling plant. There is a choice depending on factory space and type of equipment. Choice includes wheat mill solution for concrete structure buildings or mill solution for steel platform structure.

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